If you've gotten this far, congratulations and...take a breath! This can all be a bit overwhelming, if you let it. But don't worry, you don't have to know it all to enjoy what we have to offer and we're always looking to offer more! Hopefully this tour has been at least somewhat helpful in familiarizing you with how the game is played, how to navigate the site, what things mean, and where to go if you need help.

Let's do a quick recap. Every stock receives a stock dividend (divi) at 9am eastern time based on how their actual performance the day before compares to the projected performance displayed onsite. The best stocks are not always the best players in a sport- they're the players who've most often put up actual stats above their projections. Top players also tend to have the highest projections and therefore have to put up larger stat lines to earn big dividends. Each stock also has a unique ticker symbol- generally speaking that symbol is the first 3 letters of their last name and the first 2 letters of their first name, but sometimes that 5 letter combo is already in use. The 2nd most common is the first 4 letters of their last name and their first initial. Occasionally, we've not followed that (i.e. Tiger Woods' symbol here is woods). You don't have to memorize these symbols, I'm simply letting you know about them. The only time you need them is if you use our 'quick buy' option or just want to understand who someone is referring to when they use a player's symbol on the forums.

We generally 'speak' in eastern times for the same reason the major sport sites list eastern times on scoreboards- the largest percentage of the US population resides in eastern time. Jockstocks admins actually reside in the central time zone. 'Divi' time is 9am eastern daily. The market resets each day at noon eastern. Pick'em scoring and leaderboard updating is at noon eastern. Picks for the next day's games appear at noon eastern. Competition leaderboards update periodically during the day, some more often than others. One thing not mentioned prior to this is the 'window'. Before Autosell was created, we created the 'window', which is the time between divi time and noon eastern. During this time, stocks you were holding before divi time can be sold at the last divi price even tho shares sold will have dropped stock prices. A simple example of that would be a stock reaches $100 per share at divi time. People selling the stock, whether via autosell or on their own, dropped the share price to, say, $90. If you were holding shares of that stock at divi time and sold at 11:55am eastern, you would still receive $100 per share even tho the current price of the stock is $90- the same price 'autosellers' received. If, however, you waited until 12:01pm, you would only get whatever the current price is. The 'window' and autosell, then, are just our way of making it as convenient for you as possible- we'd much rather have you playing actively than getting discouraged because you weren't able to maximize your efforts or getting in trouble at work because you snuck online to sell your stocks! Many of our members only play in the evening and use autosell to get their selling done.

I can't encourage you enough to use the vast wealth of information available to you to enhance your time here. The Oasis has, among other things, articles written by members on various things. Our FAQ page explains much more. Use the Ask a Vet page to hook up with veteran members willing to help you learn our great game. And lastly, Messenger is our internal mail program where you can privately converse with other members. Messenger is also how your admins make announcements to you when we're releasing new IPOs, or if there's a problem to apprise you of, or whatever it is we need to tell you. You'll see an envelope icon in the top right corner of any non-forum page if you have new mail waiting for you either from admins or from another member- click that to be taken to Messenger. That is also where you'd go if you'd like to change your password or other information on your account.

We hope this tour has helped. ENJOY THE GAME!