We'd like to take this time to welcome you to the Jockstocks family. You may have played other fantasy sports games before, but you've never played one quite like Jockstocks! Created and run by fantasy sports gamers for fantasy sports gamers, Jockstocks takes a very unique approach to fantasy sports with the goal of enhancing your enjoyment of sports and creating an entertaining, but competitive outlet that is not restricted to seasons- it continues throughout the entire calendar year. 

Play the game casually, play the game actively, play the game at whatever pace and activity level is right for you....but play!

Before moving on, if you'd prefer a shorter read or would like an audio version of the tour, click The Short Version above.

Let's get some basic information out of the way before we dive more fully into the nuts and bolts of our game. Jockstocks has been online for a few years now, with our main game coming online in September 2002. Don't let that thwart your motivation to dive in- there are new competitions beginning every month and more competitions in the works. In a typical fantasy sports game, you begin a season by drafting a team, then setting your lineup each week. Sure, you might make a trade or grab someone from the waiver wire once in awhile, but that's about it. Been there, done that, eh? Jockstocks, however, combines 6 (SIX!) professional sports into one unique game! Currently, our market covers the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, and NASCAR with plans to expand still further in the future.

Basically, the game is this: Athletes from each sport are IPO'd as stocks. Each stock is given projections in statistical categories pertinent to their sport and, in some cases, the position they play in those sports. Those projections are based on statistics that athlete accumulated in his recent performances. Each season starts with projections based on what each athlete did last year, but those projections are periodically updated based on this season's performance as the season goes on. Share prices move up as members buy, go down as members sell just like the real stock markets. But there are reasons stocks get bought or sold- every morning at 9am eastern time, each stock receives a stock dividend (the per share is increased/decreased) based on how that athlete's actual performance the day before compares to current projections. Each category has a mathematical formula we use to calculate and each category then comes into play for each dividend a stock receives, good or bad. More pertinent statistics (wins, goals, touchdowns, points, etc) are weighted more heavily than lesser categories and therefore have a larger impact on dividends. New stocks are added and old ones deactivated on a regular basis- we try to always have a fresh and active market.

Sound complicated? It doesn't have to be. Learn from this tour, read what we have to offer in the Oasis and on our FAQ, ask questions on the forums, ask admins and other members privately via our internal mail service, Messenger- there is a wealth of information available to you. Don't feel you have to learn it all at once and don't let yourself get overwhelmed because you can play here as casually as you want- the ONLY wrong way to play...is not at all!

So, let's get rolling. Click the Quick Start link at the top of the page- that'll give you an overview of things to get you started. When you've digested that, you can choose to continue on with the more in-depth sections or just dive in- they'll still be there later!