Below is a snapshot of the bulk of a player profile page. The top of each player profile has their basic information- team, birthdate, years of experience at the time they were IPO'd, etc. But here you can see a lot of information about a player's performance, both here and 'in real life'. You can see a stock's current price, as well as lows and highs from the day, the week, the month, and the year. This is an indicator of whether the stock might be a good long term investment; so is stock volume as that shows how many total shares are being held by all members combined. While most of the time you'll want to 'buy max' of a player if you buy shares at all, you do have the option of choosing the number of shares. Then you'll note the stock's projections are listed- a very pertinent thing to look at when making buying decisions because the more a player's stats today are above their projections, the better their dividend in the morning. Remember, we display projections for an entire season, but our dividend formulas divide those stats to 'per game' projections when figuring dividends. Below that you'll see the player's stats for the current season, both cumulative and per day. We do our best to keep all information up-to-date. By the way, you can also get projections for all listed stocks via links on the market page. Some members choose to use spreadsheets to help them decide which stocks to buy- spreadsheets that have these projections already broken down to a per game basis. Let's move on- click the Your Portfolio link above.