Above is a snapshot of part of my portfolio page- around here you'll see people refer to their port, for short. Here is where stocks you've purchased will show. Again, a wealth of information- name, team, position, symbol, current price just like the market...and much more. Here you can see how many shares you hold, what the average price you paid is, and what your holdings are currently worth (and yes, I've been holding Baddeley for awhile now!). Like the market, there are tabs for each sport as well as a tab that displays all sports at once. One thing even veterans forget sometimes is to look at the tab you're on before panicking that your stocks are missing- I can't tell you how many times someone thought their stocks were mysteriously gone only to find out they were clicked on a sport they weren't holding stock in at the time!

Remember, too, your account has multiple portfolios in it- play 'em all if you want. But, make sure if you're playing one 'port', you're playing your Total Value port because that is the only one that doesn't reset when its period is over (i.e. your monthly port resets to $1,000,000 on the first of the month).

Each port has 3 sections- short term, long term, and autosell. When you buy a stock, it instantly appears in your short term section- it's up to you to decide whether to leave it there or move it to long term or autosell. The long term section is simply a place you can 'store' stocks you'd like to keep for awhile once your port value is large enough to do so. Many members use their short term section for today's buys and put others in long term just to keep organized. To move stocks between sections, check the box beside their name or use the convenient 'check all' link to quickly check all stocks in a section. For example, if I wanted to move the 3 stocks showing above from short term to long term or autosell, I could check each box or click 'check all', then click the 'move to long term' or 'move to autosell' button. If I wanted to sell several stocks, I could also click the 'sell all' button to do that. To save people from accidently selling long term stocks they weren't intending to sell, you can only move stocks from long term to short term, not directly from long term to autosell. Once your portfolio gets larger, you even have the option of 'hiding' your long term section to shorten the page load time.

What the heck is autosell, you say? I'm glad you asked! Autosell is a feature we devised to enable you to get the maximum price for stocks you purchase even if you're not around to sell them yourself! To enable that feature we simply ask that you vote for us on our Vote page. On that page are 4 voting site banners- if you'll take the minute or two to vote for Jockstocks on those 4 sites, we'll not only give you an autosell ticket to use for the day, but FREE MONEY for the port that's active when you click. That's right, FREE MONEY! You scratch our back, we'll scratch yours kinda thing. Once you've done that, you'll note the autosell ticket on your port page turns from grey to orange and you'll be able to move stocks from your short term section to the autosell section. Why would you want to? Stocks in the autosell section will be automatically sold for you after dividends are released in the morning; you get max price for your shares and you don't even have to be here! You see, while we do have a 'window' from 9am to noon eastern where you can get 'last divi' prices when you sell, with autosell you don't have to be anywhere near Jockstocks to get those sells done. Neat, huh? Many members only have available time to play in the evenings- with autosell, that's not a problem because they can make their purchases, get an autosell ticket, move their buys to their autosell section, and return the next evening knowing they've received their sells have been made for them and they got the same price as someone who was here at dividend time and sold their shares themselves.

As mentioned, you will always have your total value port. You will also always have a monthly port, but that resets each month. Depending on the month, you may also have a quarterly port and a yearly port. If it is the first month of a calendar quarter you won't have a quarterly port because your monthly port will automatically 'roll over' into your quarterly port the second month of the quarter. You won't have a yearly port early in the year because your quarterly port from the first quarter of the year will automatically 'roll over' into your yearly port on April 1. We're looking at doing some changes with ports- changes like our new 'Football Only' port where you only buy and sell NFL stocks and the competition lasts the entire NFL season. This MAY mean we eliminate the yearly competition, but for now those are the ports available.

Let's move on to the last section of our tour- click the Wrap-up link at the top of the page.