This page is intended to get you up and playing as quickly as possible, giving you just some bare bones basics. You can also listen to the audio version or go thru the full tour to get more in depth- it'll all be here for you when you're ready.

Slang terms used

Portfolio = Port
Total Value Portfolio = TV Port
Dividends = Divis
Competitions = Comps
Price increase from stock purchases = 'Moo'

Audio Tour

Part One

Flash Audio

Part Two
Flash Audio

Key times to remember

Dividends released: 9am eastern
Market reset: noon eastern
Pick'em reset: noon eastern
Leaderboard updates: as often as hourly

 Main Page Basics

Home: log in, register, basic info
Port: display your stocks and cash on hand
Market: display every stock on the market
Profiles: show information for each stock
Leaders: leaderboard rankings for all comps
Messenger: Internal mail, account changes

There is a WEALTH of information available to you on the main tour, in the audio tour, on The Oasis, in our FAQ, via our Ask a Vet program, or just communicating on our forums. Use these tools at your leisure- FUN is the name of the game!

 Key features

Autosell: System sells stocks for you at 9am
Projections: Expected player performances
Commission: 1% with $50 minimum
Maximum shares per stock: 10% or 10,000
Stock splits: $10,000/share splits 10:1
Window: 9am to noon eastern

Below are things you should know in order to play the games we offer

- Each account has multiple portfolios, the number varies depending on the month (January, April, July, and October monthly ports roll into quarterly ports, 1st quarter port rolls into yearly port on April 1). All EXCEPT Total Value port reset to $1,000,000 at the end of their period.

- Most players always buy 'max' shares of stocks they purchase and active players sell most of the stocks they buy on a daily basis. Doing so isn't mandatory, of course, it simply allows for maximum port growth. There is no wrong way to play, it's up to you.

- Autosell is a convenience feature. Voting for Jockstocks on the 4 voting sites displayed on the Vote page not only gets you an autosell ticket to use for the day, but FREE MONEY for your active port as well. Once you have a ticket, you can move stocks from the short term section of your portfolio into the autosell section and the system will sell those stocks for you automatically after dividends hit at 9am in the morning. You don't have to be here at all to sell!

- Pick'em is an additional game available to you- simply pick the teams you believe will win (or whatever the pick is) and receive points the next day at noon for your correct picks. We have both monthly and 'TV' Pick'em leaderboards and occasionally special competitions such as March Madness.

- Pick 10 is yet another way to play. Share prices and 'moo' are ignored- simply pick the 10 stocks you believe will get the largest dividends in the morning. You'll receive a dollar amount for each pick accordingly. This is a way for you to compete even if you're not able to be onsite until after many or all games are finished as there is no 'moo' to miss.