Jockstocks Slang
By Ken (hork)

Having a hard time keeping your mind wrapped around all the jargon associated with the game? Do you have difficulty telling a divi from a Reggie? Do the only sheep you know live on a farm? Do you consider moo to be something a cow says? Well fear not, we were all there once. The following is a list of definitions for some of the more regular slang/jargon you will encounter during your time here at Jockstocks.

Achi-Divis (Emmitts) – *Achidivis have been suspended for the time being; it is unknown at this time whether they will be reinstated. These are special divis awarded to players who accomplish major career achievements (for example break an all time record or win a league MVP award). Sometimes referred to as an Emmitt in honor of the first recipient of an achievement-divi, Emmitt Smith, for his record-breaking performance from the 2002 NFL season. See the section on achievement divis for a list of all accomplishments awarded these special divis.

Anti-moo – Opposite of moo (see below). This is a decrease in the price of an athlete’s stock due to a sell off of shares. As with moo, this varies from player to player depending on who sells first.

Auto-Sell – Feature available to players (note: availability is subject to change as the game progresses), which will automatically sell stocks as soon as divis are released. The 1% commission still applies to stocks sold using this feature. The feature is located on your port page at the bottom of the short-term stock section.

Avatars – Image files attached to your profile visible under your name when you post on the Jockstocks forums. See F.A.Q. for details concerning constraints associated with avatars.

Buy Backs – A practice typically employed only by larger ports in which long term stocks (not one’s splits) are sold during the “window” to avoid anti-moo as a result of the morning sell-off and then re-bought after the window closes.

Commish – A charge (commission) levied to all purchases and sales of stocks. At Jockstocks the commission is 1% to buy and another 1% to sell.

Cover – Term used to refer to a stock that will earn the holder at least a 2% gain. This 2% will “cover” or make-up for the 1% commission charged to buy and the additional 1% charged to sell any stock.

Day Trading - Buying and selling stocks on a daily basis. This is typically the best way for small ports to rise in value. Buys should be based on a player's performance contrasted with his projections for that day only.

Delta – Useful tool provided by other players which keeps a record of weekly gains in cash, percentage, and ranking of top 200 ports. This is posted by the members who create and update it on the tools/auctions board in the forum section of the site. There is also a minor delta which tracks TV ports 201 through 300.

Divi - Short for dividend, a divi is the daily change in price of an athlete's stock rewarded as a result of his performance compared to his per game (annual projections divided by number of projected games) projections.

Flipping – The art of selling one stock in favor of purchasing another (usually one who had a more favorable daily performance as compared to his projections). Note this will incur all applicable commission charges.

IPO – Initial public offering. This is the term used to refer to newly listed stocks available for purchase.

Long Term (LT) – Holding a stock for an extended period of time. Typically done by large ports only or those ports that hold shares of a splitter that exceeds the maximum shares (10,000) allowed.

Moo – An increase in the price of an athlete’s stock based solely on the number of shares purchased. The amount of moo will vary from player to player depending on who buys first.

Nega-Divi - A daily loss in price to an athlete’s stock as a result of his failing to meet and/or surpass his per game projections.

PM – Private message (sometimes referred to as port mail) sent to another member of the Jockstocks community. This can be accomplished by clicking on the Messenger link at the bottom of every page.

Port – Short for portfolio, the place where all of your stocks and cash are listed.

Pre-buy – Buying shares of an athlete before the games begin. In other words guessing based either on favorable match-ups or past performance that a player will match and/or exceed his daily projections and buying early to maximize the potential for moo. Note however that while this does maximize the potential for moo, it also maximizes your potential for loss in the event the athlete fails to perform up to his projections for the day.

Projection – An athlete’s projected annual total for a given category (i.e. home runs, touchdowns, etc). Projections are generated by dividing the athlete’s year to date stats by the number of games the athlete has played to date. Divis are calculated based on a projection per game basis.

Reggie – This is an award issued (not by Jockstocks but rather by rich76) for especially humorous or significant posts made on the forums. Rich is the sole judge of the award and his views do not necessarily reflect those of the administration and/or other players.

Sheep – Term used to refer to people who simply follow and/or defer to the crowd when making their buys. Typically this term is used to refer to individuals who rather than decide on their own which stocks to purchase simply go with the crowd and purchase those stocks with the highest amount of shares bought.

Splits (Splitters) – Stocks that have achieved a 400+ dollar value (this number has been changed several times and could be changed again at any time) and have been reduced in price while those who hold them receive 10 times as many shares. For example if Joe Smith’s stock reaches 400 dollars those who are holding him at divi time (9:00 am EST) will receive 10 times the amount of shares they currently have in their ports but the price of each share will be dropped back to 40 dollars.

Spoon (Spoon-feeding) – Term used to refer to the act of offering tips, hints or otherwise suggesting that people purchase a specific player. In and of itself not necessarily a bad thing however tends to receive negative feedback when practiced on the forums and/or in chat. Take note that while most of the people in the Jockstocks community wouldn’t intentionally mislead you they may not necessarily be as adept as you at choosing which stocks to purchase just because they have a high post total.

Spread Sheet - A tool located in the tools and auction forums created by and maintained by your fellow Jockstocks players. The spread sheet (ss) lists all of the stocks and their current projections. There is also a link to the buy max feature which as the name suggests allows you to buy the maximum number of shares of that player your port can hold (10,000 or 10%). The ss also has a set of buttons that will afford you a quick method of changing between ports.

Window – A three-hour block of time (9am to 12pm EST) following the release of divis during which you can sell your stocks and receive the 9am price. In other words if you sell during the window you will receive the total divi awarded plus any moo from the previous night and will not be hit by any anti-moo that would result from the morning sell-off. Note the 1% sale commission still applies.

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