Forum and Chat Etiquette
By Steve (wjobsports)

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game for many is the sense of community at Jockstocks. Through both the forum message boards and the chat room many folks from all walks of life can talk about sports, politics, jokes, or even just discuss or ask about different aspects of the game itself. There is certainly no requirement to participate in the Jockstocks community, but if you do, here are a few tips that should make it both more enjoyable for you and help you understand some of the communities quirks.

First, make sure you post in the right forum. This will make it easier for you to find it later, for as the site has grown it is virtually impossible to find a specific post later on to see if you've netted any responses. It can also be frustrating for some to look at several off-topic posts in a row.

Another good forum tip is to make sure you’re not reposting something that is already on the board. If there seems to be a problem with the site, chances are someone else has seen it too, and quite often you'll find both the question and the answer to it already posted. To make it easier for others to know what's inside your post, it’s also a good idea to be clear in the headline you use. If you have a question, type question in the headline. If there's a problem, put the word problem in the headline.

If you decide to head into the non-game related forums be prepared for things to get “heated” occasionally. But also know that virtually all who post there consider each other at least as good acquaintances, if not friends, so don't take those debates too seriously.

It’s also good to remember that many Jockstocks players are of the younger set, not to mention a number of members are from the “fairer sex”, so it’s quite good form to keep a check on your language and humor. If it were rated by the movie authorities, Jockstocks would most probably warrant a PG-13 classification.

Finally, understand that like everywhere else in life, there are many people at Jockstocks who are almost always friendly and eager to help out or welcome a new player. Then again, there are a few who may not seem so friendly. Don't let yourself be put off if you see a few angry posters. The vast majority of message board readers have a pretty good idea of who's credible and who isn't and several players here have a tendency to be a bit sarcastic while meaning nothing by it. So if you think someone was a bit out of line with you, the worst thing you could do, as a new player, is to respond negatively. This will only make others view you with skepticism. Rest assured that if that person was out of line with you there are at least 10 people lined up to defend you in short order.

Among the most frequent questions asked about the forums is what do those titles under the names mean. They are determined by the number of posts you make. Rookie status will remain until you make at last check 15 posts. Hall of Fame status will be yours when you make your 500th. Some players have been given special designations by the administration of the site recognizing their contributions to the game. Once you've been around for 30 days or made your 30th post, you can even put in your own title. Also, you will find that many have attached avatars and signatures to their posts. You can find a great deal more on these, including how to create your own, by clicking on the usercp icon in the upper right hand corner of any forum screen.

As for the chat room, most of the tips for the forum apply there as well. New players looking to get answers to how the game works should definitely check this out. When there are games on television it’s a safe bet there are plenty of Jockstocks vets in there just hanging out waiting for the next 'buy' and they have proven more than willing to help out anyone who wants to learn the game.

Welcome to the Jockstocks family!

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